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About us

Build and preserve
in respect of the environment

For over 40 years, our work has been to restructure, conserve and build prestigious residential buildings. We give new life to important structures consumed by time, we restore architectures that have historical value and build new and comfortable homes.

Being Eco-friendly and having respect for the area are important aspects of our work. For this reason, whilst designing and implementing every intervention work we are careful to safeguard the balance between architecture and the environment.

We offer you the skills and innovation our company has gained in 40 years of constructional experience, whilst still producing unique and new ideas and the added value of working with a certified company.

We work in line with four key principles

We think of a building, traditional or modern that is, as a structure that must last over time, acquire value and charm, be functional, comfortable and beautiful.
We set ourselves the objective of dedicating ourselves to the recovery of buildings of historical and artistic value and to the creation of stately homes and we have established the four principles of our activity.


We select the best materials and use the most efficient equipment, whilst paying utmost attention to detail and constantly investing in technology and training.


We plan every phase of the project with extreme care, optimising time and money, easily managing all the official aspects related to the construction site and guaranteeing compliance with the agreed times and budget.


We do not joke about health and safety, as much so that we are also part of the "Cantiere Sicuro"(safety construction site) project promoted by Edilcassa and INAIL of Bergamo.


Throughout our work, we strive to conserve the environment as much as possible, we do this by paying attention to our choice of materials, our consumption of energy, and to the exploitation of resources. We take many factors into consideration in order to determine the impact our work could have on the environment and surrounding areas of the project.

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